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Commercial Solar Solutions

Investing in solar doesn’t just make financial sense, it's a sound environmental choice that will be noticed by consumers who increasingly demand that the companies they do business with pay attention to our environment. A solar panel system demonstrates loudly and clearly that your business is doing its part and will strengthen the consumer’s relationship with your brand. Sustainability isn’t just good for the planet. It’s great for business!

 With electric vehicles becoming more popular and power bills increasing, it made sense to install solar panels on our rooftop here at Cars Plus. With the addition of a 30% federal investment tax credit (2023), our system is expected to pay for itself in 4 years and deliver a projected $1.8 million in savings over 25 years. All while generating clean energy for years to come. As a side benefit, it reduced the radiant heat transmitting from the roof to our service shop. It’s a win-win situation for our island and our company.”

—Joey Crisostomo
Cars Plus, President


Solar power is being relied on by more and more businesses because their CEOs understand the risk/cost of climate change to their futures and because cost savings boost their bottom line. Their commitment to sustainable energy also enhaces brand buy-in from increasingly eco-aware consumers demanding social responsibility.

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